Privacy Policy

Desert Mhamid and locals

We are in favor of locally manufactured consumption. So try the local food and local drinks try. Avoid as many Western brands, but visiting an authentic restaurant. Responsible nature is not your garbage. Even though it gives the locals sometimes not a good example, deposit your waste in the appropriate places. Want to give a gift to local children, try to avoid money. Give the kids prefer a balloon, pencils or used clothing.

Custom Travel

Comfortable, safe and adventurous travel is your wish. Desert M’hamid organizes many years’ comfortuurlijke “Custom Travel. Our experienced travel specialists will travel together for entrepreneurial and adventurous people who want to safely and comfortably get around our unusual destinations. Custom Travel is much more personal and will be more like an adventure to be experienced and certainly does not have to be expensive than travel in a group. Have you found an interesting trip, but you prior to booking see worked out a few things in a schedule please inquire for a quote. You can do this best by e-mail to . Our aim is to put your travel needs within 24 hours in a tender. We hope you enjoy putting together your Travel Custom.

Custom tours

For individual groups Morocco travel specialist possibilities. So we can make your study, school, company (incentive) or family trip an unforgettable experience. Desert M’hamid has extensive experience in the Custom making individual tours, we also they tour for the visually impaired.
Even our four imperial cities program is ideal for group travel. For car travel, please contact us. So we organized your stay during the trip. So do not be afraid to serve your specific application with us! Indicate your wishes to us and we are going to work to your group to experience a wonderful journey.

The bill and the (purchase) payment

After booking a trip, you will receive an invoice. A 30% deposit must be paid within 10 days after date of invoice to our account. If the contract within 6 weeks of the day of departure is established, it should immediately the entire sum be paid.
At the moment the (DOWNPAYMENT) amount on our account Desert M’hamid sees this as a definite booking. We also assume that the terms and conditions read and accepted.
The person who booked the trip, is jointly and severally liable for the total amount for himself and all the other participants that go along with the same booking. All correspondence is conducted through the address of the party leader.
The passenger is obliged to personal circumstances that may affect the trip, such as illness, medication enhandicap to submit at booking.